Reservoir Lite Has Stopped Accepting New Escrows

Reservoir Lite was the first full production service of SBC. At the time, it was the only option for the average user if they wanted to place their XRP into Escrow. We have since created Harbor Wallet which allows users to complete a wider variety of escrow transactions. Compared to ReservoirLite, the wallet is faster, requires less steps, and is more secure. There is no longer the need to give up your anonomity by submitting an email. All transactions within Harbor are submitted directly to the XRP ledger.

If you have an escrow currently locked using Reservoir Lite don't worry, the Escrow Release tool will continue to work for you. We are in the process of building an open-source escrow release tool you can use from your home computer. To Release your escrow, simply head over to the Release Escrow page where you can process your escrow release just like you always have. We will also publish the downloadable release tool there when it is ready.

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