About Reservoir Lite

This service is no longer active. We have left this page available for historical reference.

Reservoir Lite is the public release of our XRP Escrow processing platform. Our new application allows users to submit their XRP to Escrow with very little effort. It was created based on experiences with our beta app Reservoir and is the direct result of valued feedback received from those in the XRP community! It was clear that the community didn't want to go through the process of creating an account and being tied to one platform to process escrow transactions. There is also the added benefit of users not having to mentally calculate all of the XRP reservations/fees prior to submitting their escrow order. Reservoir Lite is a convenient application for those who want to keep their Escrow information more private, and for those who are unfamiliar with the escrow process. Once your transaction is processed, which happens in under 10 seconds, we don't store any information about you nor do we store your funds. We simply facilitate sending your funds to escrow on the XRP ledger.

It is our intention to provide reliable services for XRP investors to securely store their XRP. We are busy creating more exciting products that previously were only available to advanced coders with intimate knowledge of blockchain technology.

Enjoy the security benefits of Escrow!